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How to take orders and work with order list on your POS register
How to take orders and work with order list on your POS register

Poster has 3 service modes: dine-in, takeout and deliveries.

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Poster has 3 service modes: dine-in, takeout and deliveries. Your cashiers and waiters will be able to take any of the orders mentioned above at the same time, as well as check the orders from today, previous or coming orders in the Orders tab of your POS register.

Delivery and takeout options are available in Mini, Business and Pro pricing plans.

To work with the order list on your POS:

  1. Go to your Poster application and enter an employee’s PIN.

  2. In the top left corner open the Orders tab.

  3. Tap New order and choose the order type: Dine-in, Takeout, Deliveries, or your custom one.

  4. Add products or dishes, tie a customer to the order, fill in the needed information for takeout or delivery.

    💡 You can work simultaneously and in any order with all the three tabs (Receipt, Customer, Takeout/Delivery). It will let you be flexible with your customers when taking orders.

  5. 5. Click on < Orders in the top left corner to go back to your order list.
    💡 Delivery orders for the the nearest time come at the top of the list.

  6. Check what time the receipt was Opened at, as well as the Pick-up date and time — a color indicator counts down to the delivery time.

  7. Tap the order number to view more information: customer’s details, order comment, products and dishes, their quantity and sum.

  8. Go to the Status column to check how long the order has been in that status: Online, New, Cooking time, En route, Delivered.

  9. Tap:
    Accept or Decline to work with online orders;
    • Send to the kitchen if you print tickets to stations;

    Cooked, if you have set up the work with the “Ready” status to track the time of packing orders and the speed at which they are picked up from the restaurant by couriers;
    Deliver to pass the order to the courier and keep track of the delivery time in the next status — En route;

    💡 If you use fiscalisation and in your settings you chose to print a fiscal receipt “When giving order to courier”, tap Confirm on the payment screen. Put the paper receipt in the box and the client will receive it along with the order. The receipt will stay open on your POS until you close it.

    Delivered when the courier delivers the order;
    Proceed to payment to accept payment from the guest;
    Close to close the order after the courier delivers it and returns with the payment.

💡 If the cashier made a mistake when placing an order and chose delivery or dine-in instead of takeout, change the service mode. To do this, in an open receipt on the register, tap on ••• in the lower left corner, tap Change order type and select: Dine-in, Takeout or Delivery.

💡 For your convenience, you could sort the orders by type, status or date. To do that, choose:

Order types ▼ in the top right corner to view dine-in, takeout and delivery orders, as well as their total number;
All statuses in the top menu to accept online orders, check the new ones and those that are being cooked in the kitchen, cooked — being packed and waiting for the courier, still en route with couriers or delivered to your customer;
Previous days, Today, Tomorrow, Coming dates to open the orders, check pick-up or delivery dates and prepare the orders on time.

Add new customers on your POS register to give them a discount or accept payment with bonuses.

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