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How to add partial serving
How to add partial serving

Add half or partial serving of menu items at the POS register

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Waiters can add 0.5 pizza or 1.25 cocktails to an order. Poster will automatically adjust the price and cost for these portion sizes.

To add partial serving:

  1. Click on the ordered dish.

  2. Select the quantity: -1, -0.5, +0.5, or +1. For instance, choose -0.5 for a half portion, or enter a custom value.

  3. The order window will display price based on the quantity.

When closing an order, ingredients will be deducted from the stock based on the sold portion. Check the deduction history in the Reports → Receipts tab of the management console.

☝️ Ingredients measured by the piece will be deducted based on rounding settings. To check or change these settings, go to Menu → Ingredients. Click ••• → Edit next to the ingredient and review the Deduct from inventory field.

If the ingredient is set to without rounding, selling 0.5 of it deducts 0.5 pcs from stock. If the rounding up is enabled, 0.5 sale will deduct 1 pcs from stock.

For example, the ingredient "Egg" is set to Round. So a whole egg is always deducted from stock, regardless of the fractional quantity of the dish sold:

The ingredient 'Bun’ is set to without rounding. So the fractional quantity is deducted from stock, depending on the sold dish quantity.

☝️ Partial serving is unavailable for:

— Products

— Items sold by weight

— Dishes with modifiers

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