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How to apply a promotion discount to the order at the POS register
How to apply a promotion discount to the order at the POS register
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Promotions are discounts applied to a particular item in an order. Customer discount however gives a discount to the order's total amount, instead of particular items.

Once you created a promotion in the management console, it's time to apply it at the POS register.

To apply a promotion discount at the POS register:

  1. Open an order at the POS register.

  2. Add items listed in the promotions created earlier.

  3. Click Promotions at the top right.

  4. Select a promotion you need to apply and click next to it.

  5. To cancel the promotion, click next to the promotion.

  6. Now you can close the order by paying it or keep it open for further requests.

☝️ Some promotions might grant an extra reward item in the order for free or with a discount. To remove reward items added by a promotion, you should cancel the promotion. Deleting such items in a regular way is not possible.

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