You can make an hourly report on the register to control sales of goods. This is a table with quantity and prices of sold dishes including discounts and payment methods.

To make a sales report on the register:

  1. Click in the upper right corner and select Make report.

  2. Select the date and time of the beginning and end of the reporting period.

  3. Choose waiters name from the drop-down list to make a report of a particular waiters sales and tips or choose All waiters to view all staff sales and tips for the selected period.

  4. Activate Sales by products to see name, quantity and prices of sold goods.

  5. Click Make report.

  6. Click Print in the upper right corner to print the report out on the receipt printer.

☝️ To check the amount of cash that should be in the cash drawer by the end of the shift, select the date and time of the cash shift while making the report on the register.

💡 If you use e-Wallet, check the amount by which customers topped-up their e-Wallet accounts in the report on the POS.

💡 If sales report can be done only by the hall manager, you can set manager’s password in the Management console. To do it, in Settings → Security select Always in when running a report and click Save.

To check which products and dishes are not in demand by customers and bring you up to 5% of revenue, use the ABC analysis.

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