Make reservations for your guests. Customers will be glad to have a table in their favourite place for sure and you’ll be able to manage and analyze your hall load.

Table reservation is available in the Pro subscription plan and only on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps.

☝️ You cannot make reservations on the web version of Poster POS.

To make a reservation:

  1. Tap in the right upper corner of the register and choose Add new reservation.

  2. In Add new reservation window choose date and time, guest count and duration of table reservation.

  3. Enter a phone number and guest name.

  4. In the Group field choose the discount or cash-back rewards group of clients. If you don’t have groups, add them to the management console in Marketing → Customer groups.

  5. In the Сomment field add guest wishes or anything else you should know about a reservation. For example, a baby chair or flower vase.

  6. Tap Choose table to choose a table on the floor plan.

💡 To add reservation faster, choose table on the floor plan and press +Add new reservation.

You can check, apply or cancel reservations in the reservation calendar:

  1. Tap in the right upper corner of the register and choose Reservation.

  2. Check the schedule of vacant and reserved tables per hours for a day in the Diagram tab:
    yellow intervals show tables that have open receipts and time of reservation. — blue color shows the duration of the reservation. It also shows the time when the reservation will start, the name of the customer and the count of guests.

  3. Open customer card to check reservation, to cancel reservation or to confirm a reservation of table and open receipt.

  4. In the List tab, you can check all of the reserved tables, contacts and wishes of the guests.

Check reservation statistics of each of your tables.

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