Create a cash-back rewards program and accept payments with bonuses from your regular customers.

To accept payment with bonuses:

  1. In the open receipt on your POS go to the Customer tab in the top left corner.

  2. Start entering a name, phone number or loyalty card number, choose a customer from the list and tap Apply.

  3. Go back the Receipt tab and tap Pay.

  4. In payment window choose Use bonuses.

  5. Tap Pay.

💡 Use number pad to use part of the bonuses and separate subtotal sum between different payment methods. To do this in left upper corner of the payment window choose:

left button with a minimal amount of available bonuses to use, so your customer will pay integer sum with cash. For example, when receipt subtotal is $125.25, you could suggest your customer to pay $25.25 with bonuses and $100 with cash.

right button with a maximal amount of all available bonuses to use.

☝🏻 If you don’t have Use bonuses field in payment menu, that’s mean that your customer is not in cash-back rewards program or he doesn’t have any bonuses to use.

In order not to pay for products or categories of products with bonuses, add them as exclusions.

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