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How to print orders to kitchen or bar
How to print orders to kitchen or bar

You can print tickets to send orders from the register to the kitchen or bar.

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You can print tickets or send orders from the register to the kitchen or bar.

💡 Before printing out tickets to the kitchen, create and set up stations in your management console. Make sure that ticket printing is enabled in the Menu → Stations tab for each station where you will send orders to.

☝️ If you are using a tablet with iOS 14.1+, open the Applications section in the settings menu and find Poster in the list. In the Allow access section, check the Local network switch. Turn it on to connect your printer and other equipment.

To set up printing tickets to stations:

  1. Click on in the upper right corner of the register and select Devices.

  2. Select printer from the list and stations for sending orders. For example, Kitchen or Bar.

  3. Click Print IP.

☝️ To print tickets and receipts, make sure the printer and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

💡 Click Send ticket in the open receipt on the register to send order to the kitchen.

💡 To send information about changes in an order to the kitchen, on your POS register in an open receipt press on the product or dish and delete the unnecessary ones with . Then tap Send ticket, where it will read "−1" next to the deleted item. To let the cooks know that an order has been canceled, clear the open receipt.

💡 With automated tickets sending waiters can send orders to the kitchen quickly.

To do it, select conditions for sending orders to the kitchen from the drop-down list in Automatically send tickets with unprepared dishes in Settings → Security: Before closing the order or Before closing the order or exiting the order screen and save changes.

💡 You can connect your ticket printer and Kitchen Kit to different stations. It will help to send electronic and paper tickets to the kitchen at the same time.

Contact us in case of any questions or concerns including the printer setup! We're available in chat and email

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