Add a transaction on the register when you put or take cash from the cash drawer. There are three types of transactions in Poster: expense, income and safe drop.

Expense is the cost of the electricity used, rent or salaries.

Income is a deposit of cash to the cash drawer.

Safe drop is a transfer of daily proceeds between “Cash drawer” and “Safe deposit” account.

To add a transaction on the register:

  1. Click at the upper right corner of the screen and select Add transaction.

  2. Select a type of transaction: Expense, Income or Safe drop.

  3. Enter the transaction amount and write a comment.

  4. Select a transaction Category available at POS.

  5. Click Done.

💡 You can view all transactions that were added on the register or in the management console in Finances → Transactions.

☝️ If you add a transaction on the register, it will be automatically assigned to the “Cash shift” category. You can change category in Finances → Cash shifts in the management console. Click on the cash shift to view expense and income


💡 To make your transaction categories available on the POS:

  1. Go to the Finances → Categories tab in the management console.

  2. Enable Display on the POS next to the category.

  3. Restart the Poster POS app to apply changes.

  4. Go to ≡ → Add transaction to select a transaction category, type, and sum.

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