Transaction is a movement of money on the accounts. For example, a deposit payment is an income and utility bills is an expense, a safe drop of cash from cashbox to safe is a transfer between accounts.

Add transactions to control the incomes and expenses of your location.

To add a transaction:

  1. Go to Finances → Transactions in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Choose operation type: Income, Expense or Deposit.

  4. Enter transaction sum.

  5. Choose account and category.

  6. Enter date and time, add a comment.

  7. Click Save.

💡 To check transactions which were added on the POS or in the management console go to Finances → Transactions.

☝️ Transactions which were added on the POS can be edited in Finances → Cash shifts. To do this click on the cash shift to see all of the income and expense transactions.

Check incomes and expenses by the transaction categories in the cashflow report.

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