Non-sale incomes, expenses and their reports

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How to create financial accounts and bind them to your location in PosterCreate financial accounts and link them with your locations to keep track of your locations revenue.
How to add transactions in the management consoleTransaction is a movement of money on the accounts. For example, a deposit payment is an income and utility bills is an expense.
How to add transaction categoriesCategorize finances to ensure accurate reporting. Create transactions and track them in P&L and Cashflow depending on their type or category
How to read a financial reportView financial report to control cash flow in your accounts. It’s a spreadsheet with income and expenses transactions sorted by categories
How to work with cash shifts on the POSUse cash shifts to control cash movements in your location.
How to edit cash shifts metricsTo fix incorrect cash shift numbers edit, delete, or add new transactions in the management console.
What is expected and actual balance in cash shiftsView the cash movements every shift for security and tracking down the difference between expected and actual money balance in the cash box.
What is the an adjustment transactionThis transaction adds after the cash shift closure in case of difference between expected and actual shift balances.
How to prepare your account for accurate P&L reportingP&L is a part of the Finances tab, which needs correct preparation for accurate reporting. Let's see how to set this up.
How to check the Cash flowTo track your account's financial activity, review the Cash Flow for categorized income and expenses.
How to read P&L reportReviewing your P&L regularly helps monitor your gains and expenses to control the profitability of your business
How the P&L is generatedThis article explains how the P&L report accumulates data in Poster.