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How to prepare your account for accurate P&L reporting
How to prepare your account for accurate P&L reporting

P&L is a part of the Finances tab, which needs correct preparation for accurate reporting. Let's see how to set this up.

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When the accounts are set up correctly, managing finances becomes much easier. This article will explain how to include expenses on logistics, salaries, and utility payments into the Cost block of the P&L report.

To always have up-to-date information on revenues and expenses, go to Access → Locations and ensure that three main accounts are linked to your location: the cash drawer, bank account, and safe drop.

💡 If your funds balance in Poster does not match the actual figures in your safe drop or bank account, make sure to do a balance update aka balance correction.

To include more expenses into Cost:

  1. Go to the Finances → Categories tab in the management console.

  2. Add or edit category you want to include into Cost.

  3. For each such category or subcategory, select Yes next to Include in P&L and specify P&L category → Cost.

To compare cost expenses:

  1. Go to the Finances → P&L tab.

  2. Select the reporting period at the top right.

  3. To display ratio of income and expense categories to revenue click Columns → Percentages.

  4. Find Cost categories under the Cost block and compare monthly expenses.

  5. Find the Profit after taxation down the report. This figure is the net profit remaining after all the expenses.

💡 Move columns around to compare their amounts and percentages for the different months. To do this, click and hold the column title to drag it to the desired position.

To ensure accurate and consistent financial records add transactions at the POS register and in the management console as they occur.

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