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How to add transaction categories
How to add transaction categories

Categorize finances to ensure accurate reporting. Create transactions and track them in P&L and Cashflow depending on their type or category

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To add a transaction category:

  1. Go to Finances → Categories in the management console.

  2. Click Add at the top right.

  3. Enter category name. For example, “Rent”.

  4. To make it a subcategory select a Parent category.

  5. Choose allowed transactionsExpenses or Income.

  6. To make category available at the POS register select Yes next to Display on the POS.

  7. To include category into your P&L report select Yes next to Include in P&L.

💡 You can categorize Expense type categories as either Cost or Expenses in the P&L report. Just choose the appropriate P&L category for these instances.

💡 Break down your expenses by creating transaction subcategories. For instance, use "Utility Bills" as a main category, with subcategories like "Electricity," "Waste," "Water," and "Heating." To set this up, select "Utility Bills" as the Parent Category, instead of choosing the Main Level.

To ensure accurate and consistent financial records add transactions at the POS register and in the management console as they occur.

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