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Create promotions to attract new customers, increase sales amount and the profit of your business.

Promotions are available in Business and Pro pricing plans.

To set up promotions on Poster:

  1. Go to Marketing → Promotions in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Write a name and set promotion start and end dates.

  4. Choose locations where the promotion will be applied: at restaurant chains or only selected locations.

  5. In the Promotion conditions field select categories and products the promotion is applied to, and order conditions:

    exactly means promotion is triggered once a product is ordered. For example, Exactly 1, allows promotion to that specific product once it's been added to an order.

    At least allows a promotion once the customer purchases goods for more than $300 or reaches a specific product quantity which allows a discount

  6. Set the number or amount of goods that need to be ordered to get a discount or a gift.

  7. Select conditions of accumulation, if there are any.

  8. Check promotion days and specify promotion hours. These settings will help you create such promotions as “Happy hours” or “Weekend price”.

  9. Select promotion participants.

  10. Select bonus products or fixed discounts for each promotional product that the customer gets as a promotion result.

  11. Click Add.

💡 Check Apply special offer automatically and select exactly in promotion conditions so that you don’t need to click on the button Promotions in the upper right corner to apply a discount to the product.

These settings will help you to create:

— Discount as a result of the promotions. For example, 20% discount for pastries after 6 pm.

— Promotions that allow customers to get specific bonus products. For example, when the promotion result is a dish or a drink, but not the products and dishes category.

☝️ In case of the accumulation of the amount or sum in several orders promotion participants could be only registered, customers, or separate customer groups.

💡 To avoid creating several dishes, use dish modifiers in promotions. To do that, choose the modifiers that take part in the promotion: only a small coffee, or allow a choice between usual and lactose-free milk, but not the vegetable one.

Create popular promotions to please customers with special offers and increase the profit of your business in times of sales decline.

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