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How to create a promotion discount
How to create a promotion discount

Promotions are discounts applied to a particular item in an order instead of discounting the order's total amount.

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Promotions are discounts applied to a particular item in an order instead of discounting the order's total amount. Promotions are available in the Business and Pro pricing plans only.

To create a new promotion:

  1. Go to Marketing → Promotions in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter a Name, Start, and End dates.

  4. Select Locations where the promotion will be available.

  5. Select Menu items and categories which are available for the promotion.

  6. Now let's enter the Quantity/Amount of the items required for promotion

    1. Exactly enables promotional discounts based on the quantity of products ordered. For instance,
      Exactly 1: you can get a discount for a specific product as long as you add one piece of it to your order.
      Exactly 2: applies the promotion only when you include two pieces of the product in your order.

    2. Minimum enables promotions when customers order a specific quantity of items or spend a certain amount of money on those items. The promotion becomes available as soon as the ordered products meet or exceed the minimum requirement.

  7. To create an additional item requirement in the promotion, simply click the symbol next to the name of the ordered item.

  8. Select Ordering logic to set up if both items need to be ordered at the same time to apply the promotion or if any item is enough.

  9. Select Stacking logic to set up repentance of your promotions:

    1. One time per order: promotion can be applied only once per order.

    2. Multiple times per order: promotion can be applied multiple times per order

    3. Stacking menu items in multiple orders: promotion tracks products purchased by customers in multiple orders. For instance, if a customer purchases 4 coffee cups, they can be rewarded with a free 5th cup.

  10. Promotion days and hours enable you to create promotions that are available on specific days or during certain hours. This allows you to set up promotions such as "Happy Hours" or "Beer Friday," where you can offer beer discounts every Friday or meal discounts after 20:00.

  11. Preferred customers are either specific individuals or all customers who are eligible for the promotion.

    ☝️ When it comes to the Stacking logic of Stacking menu items in multiple orders, preferred customers can either be registered customers or exclusive customer groups.

  12. In Promotion rewards, select a flat discount, a discount rate, or reward items to specify the benefits that customers will receive.

  13. Click Add.

💡 Auto-applied promotion enabled allows Poster to apply promotions automatically at the POS register once the ordered products match the requirements. Note that auto-applied promotion is available only for Exactly-type promotions.

💡 Reward cash-back for promotional items enabled allows to accumulate cash-back rewards for products that have this promotion applied. Unless this feature is enabled, customers can either receive cash-back or have a promotion applied to these menu items.

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