To save on extra receipts, avoid phone calls to couriers, as well as to control delivery speed, install the Poster Courier for Android or iOS. The courier will automatically get orders on their smartphone, and you will be able to view information about the work of couriers in the management console.

To do this, give the courier access to the application and assign them to delivery orders so that they receive a push notification and are able to work with the list of orders in “Poster Courier”.

☝️ You are charged $5/month for each connected courier.

💡 When you start working with the “Poster Courier” application, your POS register will display hints of streets and house numbers for delivery in your city. To place orders faster, go to the Delivery tab in the open receipt on the register and start entering the customer’s address or a place name in the Address line 1 field — Poster will find it on the map.

Setting up courier access rights

To assign couriers to orders, add an additional position in the management console with the right to access only the “Poster Courier” application:

  1. Open the Access → Positions tab in the management console and click Add in the top right corner.

  2. Enter the position — Courier.

  3. In the Access to apps and integrations block, check the Courier box.

    ☝️ The courier will not be able to enter the management console or work with the POS register.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Go to the Access → Employees tab and click the Add button.

  6. Write the name of the employee and in the Position field choose Courier from the drop-down list.

  7. In the block Access toPoster Courier” enter an e-mail and a password (at least 6 characters) to access the application.

  8. Click Save.

Installing “Poster Courier” and receiving push notifications

In order to know if the dishes are ready and to be able to deliver orders on time, the courier will receive notifications on their smartphone:

  1. The courier installs “Poster Courier” on their smartphone with OC Android or iOS and launches the app.

  2. They tap Log in with Poster and enter your Poster account URL.

  3. They enter their email and password that you specified in their employee’s profile, and tap Login.

  4. During the working day, the courier will receive the following push notifications:

    • New order — when you assign the courier on your POS, they will receive the order number, address and delivery time;
    • New courier assigned, so that your employee knows about the address where they no longer have to go;
    • The order has started to be cooked — if you send tickets to the cooks in the kitchen, the courier will see the order number that is already being cooked to be able to calculate the time and deliver the order without delays;
    • The order is ready — when the chef marks the readiness of the dish, the courier will know they can pick up the order from the location and deliver it;
    • The order is closed — when the courier returns to the location with the payment, and you close the receipt on the POS register.

💡 The courier can choose which map “Poster Courier” will use to give directions to the client. To do this, they need to tap on ⚙️ in the lower right corner and choose the application for navigation: Google, Waze, etc.

Working with delivery orders list

In the application, the courier views information about orders: checks their statuses and total amounts, plans a route, calculates the delivery time, calls the client in 1 tap and transfers the order to Delivered status:

  1. The courier opens “Poster Courier” and taps in the lower left corner.

    💡 Orders for delivery in the nearest future will be displayed first.

  2. The courier picks an order with the status En route and views the delivery details.

  3. They tap ↱ Get directions to quickly find the address on the map.

    💡 To warn about a delay or check the entrance number, the courier taps 📞 in the order and calls the client from the “Poster Courier” application.

  4. When the courier arrives to the customer, taps the Delivered button, checks the payment for the order, and gives change.

  5. Now the courier can go to the list of orders and head to other addresses or return to the location with the payment.

💡 When the courier returns to the location with the payment, open the Delivered orders tab on your POS register and close the orders. The courier will receive push notifications with order numbers and amounts of paid orders.

To keep track of the service time and the couriers’ work, as well as to analyze your revenue, view delivery reports in your management console.

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