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How to send Delivery orders to Poster Courier app
How to send Delivery orders to Poster Courier app

Couriers automatically get orders on their smartphone, and you will be able to view all the information in the management console.

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What is Poster Courier for?

Poster Courier helps your couriers to receive orders directly on their smartphones, reducing the need for phone calls and paper receipts. You can use the management console to track the speed and efficiency of your deliveries giving you greater control over your operations.

Poster Courier provides a bunch of helpful features, such as the ability to:

  • Check order status, customer name, address, payment, and total amount.

  • Plan the most efficient route for their deliveries

  • Calculate delivery times for each order

  • Call the customers in just one tap

  • Update the order status to "Delivered" once it has been completed

💡 After connecting Poster Courier to your account, address suggestions will appear on the POS register when entering a delivery address.

Poster Courier reduces the chance of entering an incorrect address on the POS register and verifies the existence of such a street or building on the map.

☝️ Poster Courier costs $5/mo per courier and €5/mo per courier for European region. Create a courier in the back office to accept the first delivery order.

Creating a courier access

To enable your couriers to use the Poster Courier app, you'll need to grant them access and assign them to delivery orders. Once the order is assigned, your couriers will receive a push notification to start delivery.

To create a courier employee we need to create a courier position first:

  1. Go to Access → Positions in the management console.

  2. Click Add at the top right.

  3. Enter a Position title — Courier.

  4. Enable Courier in Access to apps and integrations.

  5. Click Save.

    ☝️ The courier will not be able to enter the POS register or management console.

  6. Go to Access → Employees to create a new employee.

  7. Click Add at the top right.

  8. Enter the Name and select a Position by choosing Courier.

  9. Enter the employee's email and password to provide app access in Access to Poster Courier.

  10. Click Save.

What to do in the Poster Courier app?

Loggin into Poster Courier

  1. Launch Poster Courier app.

  2. Tap Log in with Poster and enter your Poster account name or POS register login.

  3. Enter email and password of the employee created earlier.

  4. And tap Login.

💡 To choose which map app to use for directions in Poster Courier, couriers can tap the gear icon ⚙️ in the lower right corner and select their preferred navigation app (such as Google Maps or Waze)

Couriers get notified about new orders for delivery on their smartphones.

To start delivering orders

  1. Tap at the lower left corner.

  2. Pick up an order with En route status and views the delivery details.

  3. Tap ↱ Get directions to quickly find the address on the map and build a route.

    💡 Orders with the closest delivery time will be displayed first

  4. When you arrive accept the payment and give change if necessary.

  5. Once the order and payment are received tap Delivered,

    💡 To inform customers about any possible delay or to confirm your arrival, simply tap the phone icon 📞 in the order details to call the customer.

  6. Now, you can go back to the order list and proceed to the next delivery, or return to the restaurant with the payment

Push notifications received in Poster Courier

• New order: A new order is assigned to a courier with an order number, address, and delivery time.
• New courier assigned: If an order is transferred to another courier, you will be notified of the change.
• Order is being cooked: An order is being prepared when a waiter sends a ticket to the kitchen.
• Order is ready: An order is ready, and waiters confirm at the POS that it is ready for pick up or delivery.
• Order closed: When the courier returns with cash payment, you can close the order at the POS register.

What to do on the POS register?

When the courier returns to the location with the payment, open the Delivered orders tab on your POS register and close the orders. The courier will receive push notifications with order numbers and amounts of paid orders.

To place a new delivery order read How to take delivery orders on POS before they get to the Poster Courier app.

What to do in the back office?

To track delivery time, and the couriers’ performance, go to Reports → Employees.

Click Columns to enable info about delivery. Average and Total:

  • Time en route

  • Time in Ready

  • Return time

  • Order time

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns. We're available in chat and email

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