Add new customer at the POS

You can add a new customers at your POS to allow them collecting bonuses or a discount

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You can add new customers on your POS to make them a discount or add some bonuses. To add customers on your POS:

  1. In the open receipt on your POS go to the Customer tab in the top left corner.

  2. Tap New customer and fill in the customer’s file.

  3. At the top of the file tap Save.

    The guest will be added to the order and the Total amount will be recalculated automatically taking into account the discount.

💡 Choose and apply the customer to the receipt to recount the Total sum with his personal discount.

💡 If a cashier or a waiter applies a discount by mistake, in the customer file tap Untie in the top right corner and go to the Receipt tab.

☝️ If you delete the customer in the management console, data and bonuses will be moved to the trash.

You can check your customer purchases in Reports → Customers.

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