The register is the workplace of waiters or cashiers, where they accept orders, give discounts and accept payment.

In order for several employees to take orders at the same time, connect additional registers. You can place them stationary next to the router, put them in different areas of your location, or give them to the waiters to make them more mobile so that they take orders at the tables.

☝️ Only the owner, manager, or an employee with full access to the “Access settings” section in his assigned position can add an additional register.

To connect an additional register:

  1. Open the Access → Registers tab in the management console.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Select the location that will work with this register.

  4. Enter the password and register name. For example: “Terrace”, “Second floor” or “Main register”.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Select payment options:
    pay the difference by card now, if you have already paid for the subscription by a bank transfer in the management console and ticked the box “Remember card for automatic payment”;
    pay with subscription days;
    adjust the amount of your next invoice if your account expires soon.

  7. Click Continue.

Each pricing plan includes one register.

☝️ The cost of each additional register in a location is $19/mo.

☝🏻 To remove a register from your account, contact us in chat.

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