Use routers to set up the local network in your location, connect equipment, make synchronization of receipts between register and management console or set up the separate Wi-Fi network for your guests.

We tested and recommend Keenetic Extra KN-1711, Asus RT-AC52U B1 and Linksys EA6100 routers.

Pay attention to routers characteristics before buying it:


Ethernet to connect equipment to the local network. The speed of the LAN-ports is 100 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s. Their amount must be no less than the amount of devices you need to connect to the local network.

USB 2.0 for for modems with 3G / 4G support. For example, if there is no internet connection in your location or it’s impossible to connect it with the provider cable.


— Speed of operation: from 300 Mbit/s;

— Number of antennas: from 2 with gain of 5 dBi;

— The frequency of Wi-Fi operation: from 2.4 GHz;

Multiple SSID support to set up additional guest Wi-Fi network;

— The ability to limit the maximum Internet speed for the guest network.

💡 If there are more devices in your location than LAN ports in the router, use network switch.

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