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How to set up low stock alert
How to set up low stock alert

Enable low stock alert to make purchases on time and get notifications about supplies running low

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To enable low stock alert:

  1. Go to Setting → General in the management console.

  2. Set up when to receive notifications in Low stock alert field:

    notify when selling: email is sent once an hour if ingredient or product reaches the limit.
    with one letter at the end of the shift: the email is sent once the shift is closed.

  3. Set up a notification address in Email for notifications field. Add several emails so multiple employees start getting notifications.

  4. Click Save.

💡 To start receiving notifications set up the limits more then 0 and set Low stock alert. Thus you have time to refill the stock.

To set up the stock limit:

  1. Go to Inventory → Stock in the management console.

  2. Find the product you want to have notifications about.

  3. Next to that product click Limit to enter it. You will get an email once ingredient or product reaches the limit.

💡 Stock information updates when receipt has been closed.

☝️ Deleting storage locations, resets the stock balance as well. To review stock leftovers make an inventory check.

Feel free to contact me in chat if any questions left! I'll be back to help soon!

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