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Inventory and Stock reports
Inventory and Stock reports

Supplies, write-offs, and stock reports

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How to update costPoster automatically calculates the cost according to the supplies and stock balances.
How the cost is calculatedAdd supplies of the ingredients and products in stock, and Poster will automatically calculate the cost of the dishes and beverages.
How to add a supplyAdd supplies to track your ingredients in stock and their cost.
How to make a supply importUse supply import for fast adding ingredients and products to stock in Poster.
How to add a supplierAdd suppliers to track their supplies and amounts paid
How to create an ordering unitSupply your ingredients in packages. Like 12 pcs of bottled water or a sack of flour
How to add a storage locationAdd storage locations to make supplies, manual deductions, inventory checks, and control stock.
How to make a transfer between storage locationsMove ingredients, products, and manufactured dishes between your storage locations.
How to make a stock deductionGenerally products are deducted from the storage automatically once sold. In case of expiry or other reasons add a manual deduction
How to create rules for storage deductionsThese rules automatically deduct products and ingredients from the correct storage location when a sale is made
How to run an inventory checkUse inventory checks to compare your expected balance to the actual balance of ingredients in stock by storage locations
What is Manufacture and how to use itManufacture helps to convert existing ingredients into prepared dishes and track them in stock. Mostly used in bakeries or diners.
Examples how to use manufactureUse "Manufacture" to see dough, custom made souces, or laminated croissants in stock
How "Manufacture" shows prepared meals in stockThis guide collected the main points to be considered while working with "Manufacture" to prevent stock discrepancies.
How to disable the manufacturing of dishesDisable manufacturing to switch Poster deductions back to deducting ingredients instead of dishes and preparations cooked in advance
How to run a partial inventory checkTo do an inventory check only of several ingredients, products or dishes, run a partial inventory check.
How to print an inventory checklistPrint a checklist with all ingredients, products, and dishes in storage that were used to make an inventory check. 
How to read the ingredients movements reportView ingredients in stock, their supplies, expenses, and average food cost for today, yesterday, or any other date or period in the past
How to split supply paymentsCreate automatic transactions to withdraw supply funds once a supply is added
How to set up low stock alertEnable low stock alert to make purchases on time and get notifications about supplies running low
What are Butcheries and how to work with them