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How to make a stock deduction
How to make a stock deduction

Generally products are written-off from the storage automatically once sold. In case of expiry or other reasons add manual write-off

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To make a manual write-off:

  1. Go to Inventory → Stock deductions in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Set the deduction time and date.

  4. Select a storage.

  5. Select a write-off reason or add a new one.

  6. Add a comment for details if necessary.

  7. Add some write-off items and put the quantity,

  8. Click Save.

☝️ Adding manual write-offs is possible only within the current inventory period.

💡 To create, delete or edit the existing reasons, go to Inventory → Stock deductions → Reasons for deductions, or click on Manage reasons for deductions when editing deductions. Write-off costs for each reason can be analyzed here as well.

☝️ Inventory checks display the expected stock of products and ingredients including manual write-offs.

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