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How "Manufacture" shows prepared meals in stock
How "Manufacture" shows prepared meals in stock

This guide collected the main points to be considered while working with "Manufacture" to prevent stock discrepancies.

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📆 Add the first manufacture on the current date. As previously sold ingredients cannot be included in your retroactive manufacture. Following manufactures can be added retroactively to negate the negative stock balance.

🥫→ 🍝 Selling cakes participated in manufacturing always reduces the cake balance in stock instead of their ingredients.

☝️ Manufactured dishes are measured in pcs and preparations in kg.

Supply or transfer manufactured dishes and preparations between storages.

☝️ Balance of manufactured cakes below zero in Storage → Stock means more cakes were sold than provided by manufacturing. Make a new manufacture to update the negative stock.

Any remaining manufactured items in stock during inventory check are reflected in Manufactured tab. Go there to fill up Act. balance for manufactured items.

Manufacture cost

☝️ Make sure to supply all ingredients used in manufactured items. It helps accurate calculation of the manufacturing cost.

Because the cost of manufactured items includes the cost of their ingredients in stock at the time of manufacture.

🧮 Cost recalculation occurs by the average food cost formula during a new batch production:

Total cost of items in stock / count items in stock.

Manufactured item always has 2 costs: current cost and manufacturing cost.

Manufacturing cost is displayed in Menu → Dishes or Preparations:

Current cost is displayed while the item is edited:

In case of a significant discrepancy between current and manufacture costs update the stock count of the manufactured dishes by using an inventory check.

The inventory check helps find mistakes and optimize the operation. Check stock balances regularly to have up-to-date info and avoid mistakes.

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