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How to run an inventory check
How to run an inventory check

Use inventory checks to compare your expected balance to the actual balance of ingredients in stock by storage locations

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To run an inventory check:

  1. Go to Inventory → Inventory checks in your back office.

  2. Click Add at the top right.

  3. Select a storage location where you need to run an inventory check.

  4. Set up the inventory check period:

    Retrospective to set up custom time and date of your Act. Balance calculations.
    Current if the inventory check is done right now and the latest Act. balances are used.

  5. Choose the inventory check type:

    Full if the whole product list of the storage location is being checked;
    — Partial if only specific products of the storage location are being checked. 

  6. Click Save.

  7. The Expected balance shows the stock balance according to Poster.

  8. Fill the Act. balance with your actual stock leftovers and Poster will automatically calculate the difference.

  9. Click Run an inventory check once finished.

The stock of products and ingredients will be replaced with your actual balances entered in an inventory check.

☝️ The Initial balance displays the ingredients at the start of the reporting period. Supplies and Deductions convert the Initial balance into the Expected balance at the end of the reporting period.

To see ingredient's movement transactions precisely in the inventory check period:

  1. See the products and ingredients which have been moved on this storage location in the Name and Initial balance.

  2. Click ▼ in Supplies next to product to view product supplies and transfers to this storage location.

  3. Click ▼ near Sales to view sales of products and dishes with this ingredient.

  4. Click ▼ near Wastes to view manual deductions from the storage.

  5. The Expected balance shows the number of products and ingredients which should be in stock after all sales, wastes, and transfers.

☝️ Edit your inventory check if you made a mistake entering your expected inventory balance. To do that, go to Inventory → Inventory checks and click ••• → Edit. Enter the correct inventory balance and run an inventory check.

☝️ Only one inventory check can be edited at the same time for each storage location.

☝️ Only the last inventory check can be deleted.

☝️ Only employees with full access to the management console can edit and delete inventory checks.

Feel free to write me back if you got any questions left. I'll be back to help soon!

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