How to add a supply

Add supplies to track your ingredients in stock and their cost.

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To add a supply:

  1. Go to Inventory → Supplies in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter date and time of the delivery.

  4. Choose existed supplier or create a new one.

  5. Choose storage for supply.

  6. Choose ingredients and products, quantity, price for piece and total amount of supply.

  7. Above, in the Payment field, click + Add payment and select the Account from which to pay for this supply.

    💡 Edit the amount of payment for the supply:

    • if you work with suppliers on credit terms. For example, pay for the delivery in part or enter “0”, and Poster will automatically calculate the balance of the debt;

    • to divide the supply amount between different financial accounts. To do this, after editing the payment amount, click + Add payment again and fill in the information about each transaction: Account, Payment Date, Time, Amount.

  8. Click Save.

💡 To add supply faster, import your supplies.

💡 Add backdated supplies to your storage locations if they are included in the current inventory period. And pay for supplies even in a closed inventory period in order to pay off the debt to suppliers.

☝️ Total amount of supply will be added to the cash shift as expense transaction, if you choose Cashbox as bookkeeping account to withdraw funds.

💡 To check mutual settlements with suppliers, in the Inventory → Supplies tab, view the statuses of supplies Paid, Unpaid and amounts in the Payment due column.

To pay off the debt, opposite the unpaid supply, click Edit and add a payment in the Payment field. After that, the amount will be automatically adjusted in the Finances → Transactions and Finances → Cash shifts tabs.

View the total amount of supplies for each supplier and the amount you owe to them in the Inventory → Suppliers tab.

You can add ingredients in packages or boxes. To do this, use pre-ordering units.

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