Set up the write-off rules if the same ingredients are kept in different storages. For example, lemon is used both in the kitchen and bar like in salads and cocktails.

To set up deduction rules:

  1. Go to Access → Locations in the management console.

  2. Click Edit next to the location’s name.

  3. Select Configurate write-off by station in the Write-off section.

  4. Assign storage to each station.

  5. Click Save.

Now selling dishes assigned to stations reduces ingredients in stock assigned to that station.

☝️ By default, Poster deducts ingredients from the storage with the latest supply or movement of those particular ingredients.

💡 In case you have several POS registers, assign storage locations both to stations and registers. For example, POS 1 at the bar would write off ingredients from Storage 1 and POS 2 at the hall would write off from Storage 2.

To do this, select Configurate write-off by station and register in the Write-off section. Match registers and sections with the correct storage and save the changes.

Feel free to write me in case any questions left here. I'll be back to help soon!

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