Change security settings to select actions that can be done on the register only by the hall manager.

To set up security settings:

  1. Go to Settings → Security in the management console.

  2. In the Require manager’s password section select actions that cannot be taken without manager’s confirmation:

    • In the When deleting an item field select if waiters can or cannot delete a dish from the order. For example, in case when a check or a ticket is printed.

    • In the When adding a discount field select whether waiters can or cannot add a discount on the register in case a check for a guest has been printed.

    • Select Always in the When cancelling promotion field if bonuses or discounts can be cancelled only by the manager.

    • In the When running a report field to prohibit viewing the quantity and prices of goods sold by waiters without manager’s password.

    • In the When splitting an order field select if waiter can or cannot accept payment for the order from each guest separately or select different payment methods. For example, when check is printed.

    • In the When closing a receipt field select if waiters can accept payments or close receipts without payment. For example, to treat the customer on the house.

    • Select Always in the When adding a customer on the register field so that only the manager could add new customers to the customer list.

    • In the View order history field select whether waiters can view the history of closed orders on the POS, filter them by payment method, and print fiscal and non-fiscal receipts from the archive.

    • Select Always in the When adding a supply on a tablet field so that goods could be added to the storage only by the manager.

  3. Click Save.

💡 Restart the register to apply the installed security settings. To do this, close and reopen the application.

💡 If you don’t remember manager’s password, you can look it up or change it in the Manager’s password field.

Assign positions to employees to give them an access to certain sections of the management console.

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