To set the service standard, select city areas and set delivery rates for each of them, set up delivery for your location.

Delivery is available in Mini, Business and Pro pricing plans.

To set up delivery:

  1. In your management console open Settings → Delivery and turn on the switch Start using delivery

  2. If you keep track of taxes, choose the tax that will be applied to delivery.

  3. Check the box Use order statuses:
    “Ready” to indicate in the POS terminal when the dish is ready, and to monitor in the management console the order packing time and how fast the courier picks it up from the restaurant.
    “Delivered” to select the delivery time of the order on your POS terminal, and keep track of the speed of the couriers in the management console.

  4. If you have connected a fiscal register, check and choose when to print a fiscal receipt. For example, if you want to print the fiscal receipt in advance and put it in the bag along with the order, choose the option “When giving order to courier”.

    ☝️ By default the receipt is printed when closing the order. If you don’t use fiscalisation, your thermal printer will print a regular receipt.

  5. In the section Delivery areas and rates click on + Add to create a list of areas where you plan to deliver.

  6. Fill the sections Cost and Standard service time for each of the areas of all your locations.

  7. 💡 By default we have set a 60-minute standard time for delivery orders. If the client doesn’t get their order within this time, you will see delay time in the tab Reports → Employees → Couriers.

  8. Click Save.

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