Poster has 3 default accounts to manage finances: cash, bank account
and safe drops.

a cash account receives all the revenue from receipts closed by cash. Transactions added at the POS are also displayed there.

a bank account receives all the revenue from receipts closed by card.

Create a safe drop transaction to transfer daily revenue from Cash account to Account for safe drops to leave only change money for the next day.

All of these accounts are bound to your location. Cash, bank revenue, and safe drops will be automatically enrolled to these accounts after Cash register shifts are closed.

To create an additional financial account:

  1. Go to Finances → Accounts in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter account name.

  4. Choose currency and the account type: bank account, bank card, or cash.

  5. Enter the beginning balance of at the moment.

  6. Click Save.

☝ To put the revenue to your additional accounts once a cash shift is closed, make sure to bind them to a location.

To do that:

  1. Go to Access → Locations

  2. Click Edit next to a needed location

  3. Match your bank account, cash account, and your account for safe drops in the Finance section.

💡 To buy supplies on credit, use the additional accounts. Create an account, give it the supplier’s name, and use it as a bookkeeping account to withdraw funds for supplies. To pay the debt go to Finances → Transactions and transfer money to the supplier’s account from one of your main accounts.

☝️ Deleting an account deletes all of its transactions as well.

Create transaction categories to track account expenses, incomes and transfers.

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