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In this article find supported hardware and how to connect it to Poster POS.

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Get your waiter workspace running with Poster POS. Hardware required:

  1. Tablet, smartphone, or laptop to run Poster POS app.

  2. Printer to provide tickets and receipts.

  3. Wi-Fi router for hardware connection and Internet access.

  4. Miscellaneous hardware (payment gateway, cash drawer, barcode scanner, KDS)

πŸ–₯ POS Register

Install Poster POS to create orders, accept payments, and print receipts.

Minimum requirements:





iOS 13+

iPad Air 2

iPad Mini 4,

iPad Pro or higher

Android 7.0+

7β€³ Size

1024Γ—600 Screen


Windows 8.1+

1.8 GHz CPU


macOS X 10.12+

Intel Core


πŸ“– Quick guide on basic POS features

πŸ“– More guides on POS features

πŸ–¨ Printers

We have tested many models and recommend using printers supporting ESC/POS and Ethernet, or USB. Here are some brands and models we recommend:

  • Epson TM-T20II Ethernet

  • Sam4S GIANT-100 (Ellix 50DB) Ethernet

  • Xprinter Q260III Ethernet

  • Bixolon SRP-350II Ethernet

  • Star TSP143IIILAN

  • Star mC-Print3

  • Xprinter XP-Q800 Ethernet

  • Xprinter XP-N160II Ethernet

  • Sewoo SLK-TL322 II Ethernet

  • Xprinter XP-Q300 Ethernet

  • Mitsu RP809 Ethernet

☝️ Printers connected to the Wi-Fi router by LAN are compatible with Poster POS for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

☝️ Printers connected to the laptop or desktop by USB can work with Poster POS for Windows and macOS.

🌐 Network Hardware

Configure a Wi-Fi network in your cafe to allow printers and POS registers to communicate and print tickets or receipts.

Ensure that printer and POS register are connected to the same Wi-Fi network so they can print receipts.

We strongly recommend using Wi-Fi routers capable of establishing local networks with Internet access. Recommended models:

  • Keenetic Extra KN-1711

  • Asus RT-AC52U B1

  • Linksys EA6100

☝️ Set up a guest Wi-Fi network to prevent customers from interfering with your hardware.

βš™οΈ Miscellaneous Hardware

Add more convenience to your workplace with some additional hardware:

  • Barcode scanners help you add products or discounts to the order by simply scanning them. Before start make sure to assign barcodes to products or discount cards.

  • Payment gateways accept payments with cards, PayPass, or NFC. Poster POS syncs pending amounts to your payment gateway preventing human mistakes when transferring amounts manually.

  • Cash drawer connection opens a drawer automatically when an order is paid by cash.

  • Kitchen Kit KDS is an Android app to replace kitchen printers. Waiters send tickets to the kitchen while cooks browse recipes, change order status, and notify the waiters about the progress.

Test the hardware performance before starting an operation:

  1. Launch Poster POS app.

  2. Go to ≑ β†’ Devices at the top right.

  3. Make sure all connected devices are displayed in the list.

πŸ’‘ If you're testing a printer this way click Print a test receipt.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns.

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