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How to run a menu in Poster Connect
How to run a menu in Poster Connect

Poster Connect account helps to have a shared or separate menu across your franchise chain.

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Create a menu in the Poster Connect account as a franchisor. This menu will be automatically synced to all the accounts of your franchisees using Poster.

💡 To enable franchisees to create their own menus, edit prices, and modify existing menu items, you can modify the franchise settings in the Poster Connect application.

Keep track of franchisee sales reports in Poster Connect account without accessing their accounts directly.

Categories of products and dishes

Create Categories of products and dishes to make your menu compact and help waiters find dishes faster at the POS register.

Categories are also valuable in the management console. Sales reports can be filtered by categories, offering insights into the revenue generated by each specific category, such as 'Hot Meals,' 'Red Wine,' and 'Bakery'.

Products and Dishes

The menu in Poster includes products and dishes. They look the same at the POS register, but serve a different purpose in the management console:

  • Dishes are food and drinks which are cooked in your location from the ingredients. For example, Cappuccino or soup.

  • Products are ready-to-use goods that are sold without cooking. For example, bottled water or chocolate bars.

Before creating a new dish, create the ingredients and preparations for it. Then, navigate to the Menu → Dishes tab and create the dish by clicking Add.

☝️ Unlike ingredients, products cannot be used in a dish recipe.

💡 Create dish modifiers to allow your waiters to select steak doneness and sauce, or pizza size and toppings. Dish modifiers can be ingredients, preparations, and products. For example, a Cheeseburger dish with a Coca-Cola modifier.

Poster Connect Food Cost

Products and ingredients are added to the franchisee accounts without a cost. Their cost is calculated based on the supplies, added separately in each franchisee account.

Seasonal Menu in Poster Connect

Create a special category to offer a seasonal menu to your customers across the franchise chain. Once the season comes to an end, you can hide the category.

To hide a category:

  1. Go to Menu → Products and dishes categories

  2. Click ••• → Hide to make it unavailable at the POS register.

☝️ If you unhide the hidden categories or dishes in the Poster Connect account, they will automatically reappear in the franchisee accounts too.

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