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How to run a shared customer base in Poster Connect
How to run a shared customer base in Poster Connect

Create a shared customer database for your franchise. Customers can have the same discounts and cash-back whenever visiting your locations.

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To make sure your customers can have discounts, or accumulate cash-back to pay for orders at any location of your franchise, set up a shared customer database. The customer data from all franchise branches will be consolidated in the Connect account.

💡 In case you have disabled sync of the Customers, customer groups, cash-back rewards, and e-Wallets in your Poster Connect account. Contact our customer support in chat or by email at We will help you enable it.

Setting up a shared customer database

To configure a shared customer database, add customer groups in the Connect account. The created customer groups will be automatically loaded into partner accounts from the Connect account, allowing partners to add customers to these groups.

To add a customer group:

  1. Go to Marketing → Customer groups in the management console.

  2. Click Add at the top right.

  3. Enter a group Name.

  4. Select a Loyalty program.

    Discount system provides customers in this group with a [percentage] discount on their total order amount.

    Cash-back rewards system grants customers [percentage] accumulation from their total order amount. Cash back points can be used to pay for such customers' future orders.

  5. Enter a percentage of the discount or cash-back accumulation.

  6. Click Save.

How to add new customers to your shared database

Your franchisees can add new customers at their POS registers. New customers are automatically synced to your Poster Connect account and across all your franchisee accounts within 2-5 minutes.

Poster Connect account receives and stores information about all your customers, their bonuses, and total purchase amounts. Also, any franchisee can add a customer from Poster Connect database to their order.

How to apply a shared database customer in a franchisee location

Customers can visit any of your franchise locations to accumulate and spend the cash-back or have their discount applied by the phone number or name.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns. We're available in chat and email

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