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How to add a dish
How to add a dish

Dishes are food and drinks cooked according to the recipe in your location.

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Dishes are food and drinks cooked according to the recipe—for example, creamy mushroom soup or blueberry smoothie.

💡 Serve combo offers or multi-sized meals by using dish modifiers.

☝️ Before dishes, add the ingredients and preparations. Missing ingredients cause dish sales without stock reductions.

To add a dish:

  1. Open the tab Menu → Dishes in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter the name, choose the category and station.

  4. Upload a picture or choose an icon color to display the dish on the register.

  5. Add ingredients and preparations the dish consists of. Enter gross and net weights.

  6. Set up a dish Price. Fields Cost and Markup would be calculated automatically after you add a supply.

  7. Click Save.

💡 Supply the ingredients for accurate cost calculation.
💡 Enable Sold by weight to put a price per 100 grams. Poster calculates the total price automatically after the weight is indicated at the POS.

☝️ Inaccurate dish costs are highlighted in yellow and contain 0-cost ingredients.

☝️ Enable Can’t be discounted to prevent customer group discounts

☝️ Deleted dishes are stored in a Trash can for 30 days before the final removal.

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