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How to add a dish
How to add a dish

Dishes are food and drinks cooked according to the recipe in your location.

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Dishes are food and drinks cooked according to the recipe—for example, creamy mushroom soup or blueberry smoothie.

☝️ Before dishes, add the ingredients and preparations. Missing ingredients result in dishes being sold without stock deductions.

To add a dish:

  1. Open the tab Menu → Dishes in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter the name, choose the category and station.

  4. Upload a picture or choose an icon color to display the dish on the register.

  5. Add ingredients and preparations the dish consists of. Enter gross and net weights.

  6. Set up a dish Price. Fields Cost and Markup would be calculated automatically after you add a supply.

  7. Click Save.

💡 Serve combo offers or multi-sized meals by using dish modifiers.

💡 Supply the ingredients for accurate cost calculation.
💡 Enable Sold by weight to put a price per 100 grams. Poster calculates the total price automatically after the weight is indicated at the POS.

Make retroactive dish editing to include any recipe changes into your past sales. Change ingredients or edit their quantities in dishes that have already been sold. Poster will recalculate their previous cost and remaining stock balances for the selected period.

☝️ Inaccurate dish costs are highlighted in yellow and contain 0-cost ingredients.

☝️ Enable Can’t be discounted to prevent customer group discounts

☝️ Deleted dishes are stored in a Trash can for 30 days before the final removal.

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