Preparations are pre-cooked dishes that consist of ingredients. For example, souse or dough for pizza.

To add a preparation:

  1. Go to Products → Preparations in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter the name and write the cooking process.

  4. Add preparations’ ingredients.

  5. Enter gross and net weights or cooking method for each ingredient.

  6. Click Save.

💡 Combine ingredients into preparations to use them in different dishes. For example, you can combine flour, eggs, and yeast into a “Dough” preparation, that you’ll use for buns or croissants.

☝️ You can sell preparations only as part of a dish, but not separately. Therefore, they are not displayed on the register.

You can manufacture preparations to see them in stock.

☝️ Supply all the ingredients to calculate the preparation cost correctly.

To track 0 cost ingredients, preparation costs are highlighted with yellow.

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