If customer paid receipt with card, gift card, or additional payment method, and cashier chose cash payment by mistake, you can change payment method in the closed receipt.

To change payment method in the closed receipt:

  1. Go to Reports → Receipts in the management console.

  2. Find the receipt, click ••• and select Edit.

  3. In the pop-up window Edit receipt write the amount in the field with the correct payment method or split the total sum between methods. For example, when total sum is $35 and customer paid $20 with cash and $15 with card.

  4. Click Apply

☝️ Deleted receipt remains in reports and is highlighted with red color. It will not be counted in revenue, sold products and ingredients will be returned to the stock.

💡 The revenue will be recalculated automatically and goods will be return to the stock once the receipt is deleted.

You can configure receipt settings to print check automatically when you close the order.

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