Send tickets to kitchen with courses and serving preferences of your customers. For example, you could combine dishes in courses to serve several guests at the table at the same time.

To add courses order:

  1. In open receipt tap ••• near Send ticket button.

  2. In the pop-up window, select which dish to serve first, second or last. To do this, click on the corresponding number.

  3. Tap Send.

💡 To give extra preferences of your guests to barman or chef, add a comment to the ticket. To do this tap Add comment in the pop-up window with course selection.

☝️ It’s unavailable to send tickets from web version of Poster. To send tickets to bartender or chef use Poster app.

💡 You can connect your ticket printer and Kitchen Kit to different stations. It will help to send electronic and paper tickets to the kitchen at the same time.

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