After you’ve set up the delivery standard and accepted the order on the POS, choose a courier and give them the ready dishes.

To assign a courier and deliver the order to the customer:

  1. Click on Orders in the top left corner of the POS.

  2. In the Delivery Time column check the color indicator that counts down to delivery time.

    💡 To edit the 60-minute Standard service time for calculating delivery times and delays, change it in the Settings → Delivery tab.

  3. Go to the Status column to see how long the order has been in this status.

  4. Click Send to kitchen if you send tickets to the chefs.

  5. Click Cooked if you are working with the Ready status and keep track of order packing time and the speed at which couriers pick them up from the restaurant.

  6. Select a courier and click on Deliver when you give them the ready meals. The order will move to the next status — En route.

    💡 If in the delivery settings you have selected the option to print the fiscal receipt “When giving order to courier”, on the payment screen click on the Confirm button. Put a paper receipt in the box and the customer will receive it along with the order. The receipt will remain on the POS until you close it.

    💡 To keep track of your couriers’ work, click En route in the top menu.

  7. When the courier delivers the order to the customer, change it to Delivered status.

  8. When the courier returns to the location with the payment, close the order.

💡 The default courier is the owner. Add an additional position in the management console, or in the tab Access → Positions click Edit next to the existing positions and in the block Access to apps and integrations tick the Courier box.

💡 For couriers to automatically receive notifications about new orders, connect the “Poster Courier” application.

To keep track of service times, courier performance and to analyze your revenue, view Delivery reports.

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