Accept cash, card, bonus and gift card payments or combine some of them at once.

To choose a payment method:

  1. On your POS press Pay in open receipt.

  2. Choose payment method you need: Cash, Card or Gift card.

  3. Press Pay.

💡 Use keypad to accept cash payments faster. To do this in the left upper corner choose the button with received banknote.

💡 Choose different payment methods and combine them.

If your customer wants to pay the one part of receipt with cash and the other part with card or bonuses, just separate total sum between these methods. For example, when total sum to pay is $24, your customer could pay $10 with cash and $14 with card.

If your customer has some bonuses and wants to use them, accept payment with bonuses.

Create an additional order payment method so that waiters close orders paid using chatbot or delivery service aggregators on the register.

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