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Multiple customers in the order
Multiple customers in the order

Add multiple customers to a single order and assign dishes to each of them.

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Serve tables with multiple customers. Add a few customers to the particular table to understand exactly who ordered a certain meal.

To start working with multiple customers enable Show floor plan and Turn on guest count in Settings → General.

To add multiple customers:

  1. Create a new order in Poster POS app.

  2. Tap Add customer in the open order.

  3. Tap + near added customer to start taking his order.

  4. Add menu items to it.

  5. Tap + near the next customer to start taking another order.

  6. Tap an ordered item under the customer to add item comments or switch dishes between customers.

  7. Tap Pay to proceed to payment and close the order.

💡 Click ••• and select Split order if customers want to split the payment with each other.

☝🏻 Tap Bin to delete a customer. Deleting customers also results in deleting their menu items.

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