What is Poster Courier?

Couriers get a delivery destination and notification in Poster Courier app after the address and courier were assigned to the order at POS.

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Poster Courier app helps deliver meals to your customers. Couriers are notified of new orders and destinations in Poster Courier app on their smartphones. While you control their performance in the back office.

  • No need to call courier: courier gets notified about new orders for delivery by cashiers or waiters, managing orders at POS. This helps the staff work together seamlessly without additional phone calls.

  • Track delivery speed: Once the order is delivered, courier marks it as finished in app. And you get the exact delivery speed. Track detailed statistics for each order in the back office.

  • No address mistakes: After connecting Poster Courier to your account, address suggestions will appear on the POS register when entering a delivery address. The cashier will be able to process orders more quickly, and Poster will verify the existence of the street and house number on the map.

  • Courier info: All information about the order is available in app. Couriers can call customers, prepare change cash, and see order status or estimated time when the customer wants his order delivered.

  • Delivery routes: Poster Courier app creates a delivery route to the destination in Google Maps.

☝️ Poster Courier costs $5/mo per courier and €5/mo per courier for European region. Create a courier in the back office to accept the first delivery order.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns. We're available in chat @joinposter.com and email contact@joinposter.com

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