You can fill the menu with products and dishes which will be on your POS.

What’s the difference between dishes and products

Products are ready-to-use goods which are sold without cooking. For example, water in bottles or chocolate bar.

Dishes are meals and drinks which are cooked in your location from ingredients. For example, Cappuccino or soup.

Create products and dishes categories

First of all, combine your products and dishes in categories so it would be easier for your waiter to find them on POS. For example, “First dishes”, “Soft drinks” and “Dessert”.

  1. Go to Menu → Products and dishes categories and click Add.

  2. Enter category name. For example “Bakery products”.

  3. In Сategory field choose from drop-down list where category should be: on the top screen or inside other category.

  4. Upload photo and choose icon color.

  5. Click Save.

Add products

Add products which are sold ready-to-use. They are not the ingredients for meals and drinks. For example, bottled lemonade or ice cream

  1. Go to Menu → Products and click Add.

  2. Enter the name, choose category and station.

  3. Enter product price in Total field. Cost and Markup will calculates automatically after first product supply.

  4. Upload photo and choose icon color. Waiter or cashier will see it on the POS.

  5. Click Save.

💡 Check Weight product (goods) and enter the price per 100 g for products sold by weight. When such a product is added to the receipt, your waiter should enter the weight and the total price will be calculated automatically.

💡 If you have a variety of one product, add all of the types as modifiers.

☝️ Before creating a dish, add ingredients and preparations which you use to cook this dish.

Add ingredients

We use ingredients to cook dishes and drinks. For example, flour for bakery and mint for lemonade.

To add an ingredient:

  1. Go to Menu → Ingredients in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Type ingredient name, and select a unit.

  4. Click More info to set up loss percentage in case of frying, boiling, stewing, or baking.

  5. Click Save.

💡 Enter Items quantity, Price per unit, and Storage location to supply the ingredient immediately.

To find and edit this automatic supply, go to Inventory → Supplies and click Edit.

Create preparations

Preparations are semi-manufactures for cooking, which are consist of ingredients. For example, sauce or daugh.

  1. Go to Menu → Preparations and click Add.

  2. Enter the name, describe cooking process and add ingredients which preparation consists of.

  3. Enter gross and net weight manually or choose cooking method for each ingredient.

  4. Click Save.

☝️ Preparations could be sold only as part of the dish. They won’t appear on your POS as an individual position.

Add dish

Now we’re ready to add a dish. Dishes are drinks and meal which you cook in your place. For example, soup or blueberry smoothies.

  1. Go to Menu → Dishes and click Add.

  2. Enter name, choose category, and station where dish will be cooked.

  3. Upload photo or select icon color which will appear on POS.

  4. Choose ingredients and preparations which dish consist of. Enter gross and net weight.

  5. While selecting ingredients, scroll down and click Add ingredient in case it's not created yet.

  6. Enter the price of dish in Total field. Cost and Markup fields will be filled automatically after first ingredients supply.

  7. Click Save.

💡 For dishes sold by weight, check Sold by weight and enter price per 100 g. Your waiters will enter the weight of such products and the total price will be calculated automatically.

💡 If you have different kinds of drink, for example extras or cup size, add them as modifiers.

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