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How to run a POS inventory check
How to run a POS inventory check

Start recording the stock balances right away on your POS app.

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Inventory check is a feature updating your Poster stock balances with the actual balances in stock recorded by your staff.

POS inventory check is available at Mini, Business, and Pro plans.

Create an inventory check, before getting it on the POS app:

  1. Go to Inventory → Inventory checks in your back office.

  2. Click Add at the top right.

  3. Select a storage location where you need to run an inventory check.

  4. Set up the inventory check period:

    Retrospective to set up custom time and date of your Act. Balance calculations.
    Current if the inventory check is done right now and the latest Act. balances are used.

  5. Choose the inventory check type:

    Full if the whole product list of the storage location is being checked;
    — Partial if only specific products of the storage location are being checked.

  6. Click Save.

Now your employees can fill up the inventory check in Poster POS:

  1. Click ≡ → Inventory → Inventory checks.

  2. Select a required check from the list.

    ☝️ POS displays only inventory checks currently In progress.

  3. Enter Quantity, and Poster will automatically calculate the difference.

    💡 Calculate your total amount of products with simple math operations in Quantity. For example, use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and parentheses operations.

  4. Click Save.

💡 In case of having prepared dishes or preparations while doing the check, enter their Quantity in Dish and prep.

💡 In case of using the manufacture feature enter manufactured product Quantity in Manufactures tab.

In case staff entered the wrong data, edit the check by going to ≡ → Inventory and fixing up Quantity on the POS app.

☝️ Inventory checks are editable on POS unless it was completed in the management console.

Track ingreidents movements, differneces between Actual and Expected balances, and complete your inventory check in the management console.

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