You used to have a separate location or duplicate your menu items to reflect the commissions of the delivery services in Poster. This was confusing for waiters and stood in the way of clear reporting.

The new Order source feature makes this process much easier.

Create sources where your orders come from, like Uber Eats, Glovo, or Bolt Food, to set up a unique dish price per source.

πŸ’‘ Available at Business and Pro pricing plans.

For example let's take a pizzeria that:

  • serves dine-in classic Italian pizza, desserts, and drinks.

  • delivers more kinds of pizza, lemonades, and wine ordered from Poster Shop by their own couriers, or Uber Eats.

  • serves only dine-in desserts and coffee.

Let's set delivery prices in Poster.

πŸ›΅ Delivery set up

First, set up your own couriers and delivery services.

  • Enable delivery in Settings β†’ Delivery.

  • Select Use orders statuses that are going to be available.

    More details on How to manage delivery for your business.

  • Go to Settings β†’ Orders to create new sources like Uber Eats, or Bolt Food.

  • Enable Display on the POS for the sources you're going to use.

πŸ’‘ Create order payment methods, so Poster automatically calculates delivery commission and sends the correct revenue to your accounts at the end of the shift.

πŸ• Menu set up

Create different prices for dine-in and delivery orders. Go to Menu β†’ Dishes to add or edit existing items. Configure pizza prices for delivery and dine-in orders in Display and price settings for locations.

Create different prices for Margarita in different locations and delivery services.

Disable Panna Cotta dessert for deliveries.

πŸ’‘ In case pizza delivered by your courier costs less than delivered by service, configure that price in Poster Shop.

Go to Catalogue β†’ Products of your Poster Shop management console. Edit Margarita and set up the correct price.

Edit your Poster Shop prices.

Done! Select an order source at your POS app. All your Dine-in and Takeout orders will have standard prices, while Bolt Food and Uber Eats increase prices.

Select Uber Eats or Bolt Food source, to display increased prices.

πŸ₯³ Promotions Takeout

Sometimes cafes offer a discount for takeout dishes.

πŸ’‘ Available at Business and Pro pricing plans.

  1. Go to Marketing β†’ Promotions to add a new promo.

  2. Write a name and set promotion start and end dates.

    πŸ’‘ Duration period is unlimited unless the end date is configured.

  3. Choose locations where the promotion is available.

  4. Disable Apply special offer automatically.

  5. In the Promotion conditions field select categories and products with a takeout discount.

  6. Select Exactly 1 to make promo available once any dish from the promotional list is ordered.

  7. Set Combining promotions to multiple promotions within a single order.

    πŸ’‘ So customers can order several same pizzas to takeout with a discount.

  8. Select Promotion days and Promotion hours unless the promotion is avaialble 24/7.

  9. Select Promotion participants. It may be all visitors or just certain groups.

  10. In Promotional rewards select the Discount rate for promotional products.

    Example: all customers purchasing pizza get -30% discount.

  11. Click Add.

Such promo is applied manually at the POS register.

More popular promotion examples here.

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