Preparations are precooked items like frozen products, sauces, or beef cuts.

Preparations are handy if you transform some ingredients into intermediate forms before they finally take place in a dish.

👻 Preparations are not available on the POS register on their own but can be sold as a dish. There’s no limit to the number of preparations in your management console.

Set up your menu with preparations to make it neat and efficient. Let's see some popular use cases.

🐟 Cut a fish

Add an ingredient Salmon if you purchase a fish for cooking. Create preparations Salmon Fillet and Salmon Trimmings that are a result of Salmon cutting.

To set up a fish cutting:

  1. Go to Menu → Ingredients to create a Salmon.

  1. Go to Menu → Preparations to create Salmon Fillet and Salmon Trimmings.

  2. Add Salmon to preparation recipe.

  3. Enter Gross and Net weights to set how much Salmon goes out of stock to produce a certain amount of Fillet.

  4. Click Save.

    💡 Add Salmon Fillet or Trimmings to other preparations or dish recipes to start selling it.

Once a fish was cut into parts, add manufacture to record how much Fillet or Trimmings you have obtained. Poster deducts an equivalent quantity of Salmon from the storage and replaces it with Fillets or Trimmings in stock. Selling dishes with Salmon Fillet or Trimmings in their recipes deducts manufactured preparations from the stock.

💡 Click Details in Menu → Ingredients to see which dishes or preparations use a particular ingredient.

🍣 Sushi Set

Combine various kinds of sushi into a single set. Or use this example to create your own set. For example, Fries and Cheeseburgers.

Add preparations:

  1. Click Add in Menu → Preparations to create a Sake Maki.

  2. Add preparations’ ingredients.

  3. Enter Gross and Net weights to set the number of ingredients going out of stock to produce a certain amount of Saki Maki.

  4. Click Save.

💡 Note that ingredients like Rice can increase their weight after boiling. Add a -100% boiling loss percentage or set the Gross and Net weight of the Rice before and after cooking manually.

Add Sake Maki preparation to its own dish or sushi set:

  1. Go to Menu → Dishes and click Add.

  2. Enter the name, choose the category and station.

  3. Upload a picture or choose an icon color to display the dish on the register.

  4. Add Sake Maki and other preparations to the dish recipe.

  5. Enter Gross and Net weights to set how much preparations are going out of stock to produce 1 serving of a dish.

  6. Set up a dish Price. Fields Cost and Markup would be calculated automatically after you add a supply.

  7. Click Save.

Now sushi sets and single sushi servings are available on the POS register.

🍜 Half Serving

To allow several servings of the same dish use preparation:

  1. Go to Menu → Preparations and click Add.

  2. Enter the name. For example Ramen.

  3. Write the cooking process.

  4. Add preparation ingredients.

  5. Enter Gross and Net weights to set how many ingredients are going out of stock to produce 1 serving of Ramen.

  6. Click Save.

Add a dish with size modifiers:

  1. Go to Menu → Dishes and click Add.

  2. Enter the name, category, and station.

  3. Upload a photo or choose an icon color to be displayed on the POS.

  4. Set the Price to 0 and keep the Recipe empty.

  5. Click Add modifiers set in the Modifiers section.

  6. Enter the Set name. For example Size.

  7. Select Only one size to be ordered at once on the POS and click Add.

  8. Select a preparation Ramen in the Modifiers tab.

  9. Name a modifier. For example Ramen Small.

  10. Enter Gross weight to set how much Ramen is in a small serving. For example, 250 g.

  11. Add another modifier by clicking +Add a modifier to the Size set.

  12. Name it Ramen Large and set up a Gross weight accordingly.

  13. Set up a Price per size next to each modifier.

  14. Click Save.

Now waiters can select an ordered Ramen size on the POS.

If your pricing plan does not include dish modifiers, create a separate dish for each serving size. For example, 2 dishes: Ramen Small and Ramen Large. Make sure to add Ramen preparation into their recipes.

To supply storage with ingredients timely enable low stock alerts and receive notifications about stock balances running low.

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